BIOGRAFIA. A bioline from ESTEL. A new leaf


Today we’ll introduce you to BIOGRAFIA, the first bioline by ESTEL.

  • 91–98% natural ingredients
  • 100% hypoallergenic fragrances
  • 00% parabens and sulphates
  • 100% vegan formulas

BIOGRAFIA formulas contain the most valuable natural ingredients. They are carefully sourced on five continents of the Earth and meet high standards of natural cosmetics. Quinoa from Uruguay, jojoba from Australia, shorea from India, olives from Italy, wheat from Russia and many other ingredients combine in BIOGRAFIA formulas to bring value, joy and harmony.

BIOGRAFIA includes three lines. Each line performs a certain function to make your daily care custom-designed and targeted. The products work in synergy, perfectly complementing one another, in order to enhance and preserve the hair’s natural beauty.

Lines, products, and hair, all full of life. Your BIOGRAFIA.