It was finally done! All the magic to make your eyes light up was packed into a single eventful day. High art, inspirational sessions, a sensual show, a mega useful business forum, face-to-face communication... and then even more face-to-face communication! Indeed, the pandemic made us all crave for the activity.

All this is about X-STATION – the biggest event in the hair styling universe.

Even the date – the 17 day of the third month – was chosen for a good reason because the number itself is associated with the idea of consolidation. 1703 is the year when ESTEL’s home city, St. Petersburg, was founded. Furthermore, by inviting us all to Moscow, ESTEL symbolically emphasized the unity of the two legendary cities.

X-STATION is something more than just an event. It’s a beating pulse of thousands of people that share common values. It’s a powerful boost of vital, mental and emotional energy for everyone with a creative gift. It’s the living quintessence of hair styling as an art. Right now!

Burning questions and on-point answers at the business forum. A presentation of BLOND BAR COUTURE, ESTEL’s largest palette for blondes. The Touch show: a life-affirming story about a discovery of love, blended harmoniously with a demo of the new collection by ESTEL’s art team. The ESTEL COLOR LIFE Award Ceremony for color stylist competition with 12 grands prix. So many events and so many emotions, all in a single day! And most importantly, when X-STATION came to an end, its powerful drive remained. With us. The X-STATION energy is boundless because it runs in our blood.