ESTELLER. A new degree of perfection


The ESTELLER dye is officially recognized as a revolutionary product that is unique in its market, and has been granted patent No. 2742028. It is ESTEL’s 13th patented product.

ESTELLER is a combination of color and fragrance coupled with beauty and functionality into an outstanding and unmatched solution. It offers an extensive palette, 100% gray coloring, highly efficient lightening and one-of-a-kind care, achieved with cationic components and generous concentrations of precious oils. In addition, you can now add perfume to the dye to create new emotions and experiences. ESTELLER is the first perfume coloring. This is now confirmed by a patent.

The synergy of a high quality dye and a perfume of choice is delivered thanks to the unrelenting efforts and courage of ESTEL Laboratory. 1,826 days in development. Countless tests. One ESTELLER. The success has been made possible because the driving force for ESTEL Laboratory is its aspiration to create the best products, push the boundaries every time, and just never lose excitement about what they do.