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Kids’ Orange Toothpaste LITTLE ME

To give your little one healthy teeth and a shining smile, use LITTLE ME kids’ toothpaste with the "cleansing + protection" functions. It will bring special joy to fans of sweet, juicy oranges. Now brushing little teeth twice a day is nothing but pure delight!
Calcium-based LITTLE ME toothpaste gently cleanses and strengthens the enamel, combats tooth decay, protects the gums, and ensures excellent preventive care inside of the mouth.

Article: LM/TP/U/50
Volume: 50 ml
Careful cleaning of children’s teeth, strengthening of teeth enamel, protection of teeth, gums and mouth cavity.
Squeeze a small amount of toothpaste onto the toothbrush; brush for two minutes. Recommended for children over 6.
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